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Tom Heydel Hall of Fame inductee 2022
A message from Tom:
I was so surprised when Jim Schubert (Club President) announced on Sunday Sept 18th at the Mueller Medal Play Championship that I was being inducted into the WPMGC Hall of Fame.  It was truly humbling and an honor to be named.  When I think of the Hall of Fame members (Lloyd Tindal, Archie Dadian, Gene Haas, Ray Fisher, Gene Nowak, Bud Jonas, Bob Mueller, Lou Patscot, Jim Steck and Jim Ignatowski), it was very surprising to me to even be considered for this alongside these gentlemen.    
Joining Whitnall Park Men’s Golf Club in 1984, gave me the opportunity to be able to compete in golf and to meet fellow golfers for that camaraderie and competition.  I have made many friends through Whitnall.   While my golf game is only average at best, Whitnall is truly the Home of the Champions for those 1st Team members who have won so many championships.     
Serving as Tournament Director for many years was such a privilege for me and I enjoyed it immensely along with other service duties I have had over the years at Whitnall.  
Thank you again for this recognition and I will try the best I can to live up to this special honor. 

Tom (Heydel)

Lloyd Tindal named 10th inductee in 2012
A message from Lloyd:
I am truly honored to be named the 10th inductee to the Whitnall Hall of Fame. Joining the likes of Archie Dadian, Gene Haas, Ray Fischer, Gene Nowak, Bud Jonas, Bob Mueller, Lou Patscot, Jim Steck and Jim Ignatowski makes me very proud. When I joined the club, so many years ago, it was my intent to meet fellow golfers that loved the game as much as I did. The members of Whitnall definitely met that goal. The club is made up of members of all playing abilities. However, there was always the love of competition and comradeship present that I was looking to be associated with. Golfers are a breed of good, honest people. I am proud to be one of you. Over the years, as age took a toll, my game has changed a little but my desire to play has not. I enjoy playing with all of you and working to make the club a viable venue to keep golf fun and competitive.As I work with the Milwaukee County Parks System, MCPLA, WPLA, WSGA and USGA to further golf, Whitnall has always been recognized as a great club. The comments are always positive. We can all be proud of that. Thank you for the recognition. I will do my best to live up to this great honor.

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