Club Championship 
Flighted Club Championship 

Rounds must be completed by:

Round 1 May-31
Round 2  July-12
Round 3 August-23
Championship Match September-13 

Two-Man Club Championship

Rounds must be completed by:

Round 1 June-2

Round 2  July-1

Round 3 July-28

Round 4 August-25

Championship Match September-13 

Club Championship Guidelines

This is a GROSS event open to any club member regardless of handicap.  The reigning champion will be seated number one with all others by current handicap (as of March 31st) utilizing the standard bracket system. Byes, if necessary, will be awarded to the 1st seed, 2nd seed and so on.

The Championship bracket will play from the BLACK tees.
The final round will be a 36 hole score to determine the champion.

Flighted Club Championship Guidelines

All participants in this championship will be placed into flights, by handicap (as of March 31st), consisting of at least three brackets.  Every effort will be made by the coordinator to minimize the overall handicap spread in each bracket.  The brackets will be set up by random draw.  If bye’s are necessary, they will be awarded to reigning champions.

The A and B flights will be played from the BLUE tee’s and will be played as GROSS Match Play Events.
The C flight will be played from the WHITE tee’s and will be played as GROSS Match Play Events.
The D flight will be played from the GOLD tee’s and will use full handicap (NET) for the matches.  Use the latest handicaps using the WSGA handicap lookup.

Two Man Match Play (Four Ball) Championship

The Two-Man championship is a four-ball match play (100% handicap) as designated by the USGA. Players receive full WSGA handicap for the course they are playing. Use the latest handicaps using the WSGA handicap lookup. Play from the blue tees at Whitnall Golf Course. Or play a mutually agreed upon course. Matches may be scheduled during the week, mornings, afternoons or weekends.

How to apply multi-ball handicap allowances Four Ball Match (100%):
Players A & B (team 1) play their net best ball against players C & D (team 2). 
The player with the lowest handicap in the match plays at scratch and the other players receive the full difference between their handicaps and his handicap. Strokes are taken where they fall on the scorecard.
                                               Team 1                     Team 2
                                               player A      player B         player C         player D
Full Handicap                             5               11                    8                       9
Strokes received (100%)          0                6                     3                       4

Players A & B (team 1) count their net best ball for each hole against Players B & C (team 2). The team with the lowest net better ball wins the hole.
The team winning the most holes wins the match. 

Championship Guidelines (Applies to all above)

 A match ending all square should be played off hole by hole until one team (player) wins a hole. Notify the Pro Shop that you are playing a play-off hole before beginning the play-off hole. The team (player) winning the play-off hole wins the match. The play-off should start on the hole the match began or as directed by the Pro Shop. Handicap strokes are allowed as in the prescribed round. 

Deadlines: Scheduling Matches 
The Whitnall Men's Club is a weekend golf club so assume that most matches will need to be scheduled on weekends.  The Tournament Coordinator will establish deadlines for all matches at the start of the year. Matches must be played and posted in the time frame allotted as indicated on the Whitnall Men’s Club website or on the board in the Whitnall clubhouse. As soon as a team member (Players) know who their opponents for the next match will be, they should attempt to contact their opponent by telephone and/or e-mail to schedule a date and time for their upcoming match. It is the responsibility of both competing teams (players) to set up a date and time for playing a match before the established deadline. 

If contestants cannot find a mutually agreeable date to play prior to the specified deadline, the Coordinator and the Club President may award the match to one team (player) when they determine that their opponents have not made any reasonable attempt to schedule the match or has not responded to several attempts to schedule the match.  If a team (player) has been unable to connect with their opponent after repeated attempts by both telephone and e-mail, that team (player) must contact the Tournament Director and Club President at least one week before the established deadline to report on the situation.  Either competitor may forfeit the match to the other.  Should all scheduling attempts be considered equal, the final decision will be made by coin flip.  An extension may be allowed under unusual circumstances and will be decided upon by the Coordinator and the Club President. Being too busy, waiting until the last weekend, or poor weather conditions will NOT be considered unusual circumstances.

Winners must post the results of the match on the clubhouse bracket sheet immediately after the match is decided and Fill out the "RESULTS" form, the link is located on the website Club Championship page 

Payouts (Applies to all above)

All club championship events are self funded. All monies collected will be paid out 100% by flight.  Flight purse amount is established by the amount of players in each flight.
Payouts for flights of 8 players or less, 1st 55% and 2nd 45%
Payouts for flights of 9 players or more, 1st 35%, 2nd 25%, 3rd 20%, 4th 20%