Event Results:

​​​​​2022 Club Championship Results:

  • Championship flight: Jim Schubert
  • A flight: Mark Best
  • B flight: Jon Kappes
  • C flight: Dan Hebgen
  • D flight: Ward Koenig
  • E flight: Ken Breidel
  • Two Man: Jason Kappes / David Kappes

2023 returning members - SIGN-UP

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2023 EVENT Schedule

4/29 Saturday 8:30am: Wanaki 2-man BB Shotgun

  • Please contact Joel Kappes for additional information
  • Register!

5/6 Saturday 8:00am: Whitnall 4-person team, 2-person scramble 

  • Please contact Jason Kappes for additional information

5/27 Saturday 8:00am: Whitnall Memorial-Individual Shotgun

  • Please contact Jeff Klak for additional information

6/4 Sunday 8:00am: Washington County 4 man-2BB 

  • Please contact Tom Keenan or Thomas Michals for additional information

6/10 Saturday 8:00am: Dretzka 4 man- 1-2-3BB

  • Please contact George Elleseg for additional information

6/30 Friday 7:30am: Nagawaukee-2-man BB shotgun

  • Please contact Ward Koenig for additional information

7/29 Saturday 7:00am: Whitnall-Stableford

  • Please contact Tom Heydel for additional information

8/13 Sunday 7:00am: Oakwood A, B, C & D-4man 2BB

  • Please contact Jeff Klak for additional information

9/2 Saturday 7:36am: Whitnall-6-6-6

  • Please contact Jon Kappes for additional information

9/16 Saturday 7:00am: Whitnall-Mueller Medal Play 

  • Please contact Rick Bartman or Jerry Greene for additional information

9/17 Sunday 7:30am: Whitnall-Mueller Medal Play  carts required

  • Please contact Rick Bartman or Jerry Greene for additional information

10/1 Sunday: Meadowbrook Country Club 

WELCOME TO Whitnall Park Men's GOLF Club

2023 Kickoff Meeting - RESCHEDULED!

When:  April 10th, 2023, 6:00 PM

Where: Whitnall Park Clubhouse


  • Introduction of Officers and Directors
  • New 2023 Payment Methods
  • WPMGC Website
  • 2023 Planned Events
  • Event Slow Play - Slow Play Remedies
  • Review By-Laws
  • Speakers:
    • James Grogan, PGA Director of Golf at Whitnall and Greenfield Parks
    • Jon Canavan, Superintendent of Turf and Golf Operations

* Any prospective new member are welcome to attend the meeting.